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The South West Business Podcast

January 24, 2020 Pure Brand Media
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The South West Business Podcast
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This is the first episode of the Pure Brand Media South West Business Podcast. It has been produced in association with, and recorded at, The South West Business Expo in Exeter, Devon - the largest business exhibition outside of London.

This podcast takes a look at the opportunities and challenges facing businesses wanting to connect and grow in the South West of England - and what makes the South West such a special place to work in.

It also includes top tips from Rachel Elnaugh, one of the original Dragons from the BBC's Dragons' Den, on how to make your business work and grow, and what success really means.

This is a must-listen podcast for all businesses looking to grow their business in the South West. To be the first to hear the next episode, please subscribe to our podcasts.


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Introducing The South West Business Expo
Top Business Tips From Rachel Elnaugh
Business Opportunities In The South West Of England
Perceived Challenges For Businesses In The South West
What Makes The South West A Great Place To Work And Live